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               The cool, striking and communicative Claudio Diamanti look comes into reach

You are looking for communicative, cool and colorful outfits to be finally perceived as a poker player or characteristic player not only at the card table but also outside of the casino.
Now you have the great chance for detailed and outstanding outfits, which communicate effeftively for you
and gives more happiness and fun to your player lifestyle.

The Claudio Diamanti designs take over a part of your visual communication, create
curiosity and offer unbelievable contact opportunities, because they serve an initiation
of conversation. Show, who you are and what you do!
If you wear the chimney sweep Eggyham, everyone will notice that you are a lucky charm.
Who doesn´t long for happiness?

If you chose a poker pocket pair, everybody will know, which cards are your favorite ones.
You are the successful pro, superior to others. That cuts a figure and firms a
desirable advantage.
Imagine, you step into a casino or you go to a party or anywhere, all eyes will are
fixed on you, the comfort factor rises and a huge boost of energy will be your companion.

Austria´s top poker pro Erich “Coolman” Kollmann, the worldwide biggest online poker room and many more trust in Claudio Diamanti
Compare the designs with others and if Claudio Diamanti isn´t eye-catching, trendy and hip enough or will not suite for some other reason, than send back your product without risk.
Otherwise your pieces will be a source of continuing pleasure and entertainment. Just try it now under such advantageous conditions. Surely, you know a player or comic fan , for whom you are seeking a gift.
Maybe you gonna find it here.

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                            Claudio Diamanti wishes you a lot of success, fun and action.